Great Lakes Railcar


UMLER was an acronym for Universal Machine Language Equipment Register. With the rewrite of the system which went live in August 2006, the acronym was retired, but the system is still know as Umler.

Cars are registered in the system to facilitate car movement and way billing by the railroads. No longer do Railroads have enough people to track the car by hand, they are using technology to assist them. Proper data in your upload and properly programed AEI tabs will enable your equipment to move more easily and with less hassle for you and the railroads. Improper data in the file can result in your equipment not moving, delays in movement, higher costs, or the railroad refusing to move it.

GLR offers a research service to locate data on your equipment. For rates contact us. Once we find what data is available we provide it to you and only then, once you approve it, do we upload the data. Remember data integrity is your responsibility and is very important for the railroading system. Over the years your equipment could have been rebuilt differently from the information that is found, so be sure to verity that the data is correct. Otherwise it should be used for historical purposes only.

NOTE: GLR assumes no responsibility for any differences between that data found and what is actually on your car, UNLESS we have done an inspection and measurement of your car.

GLR is an Umler specialist with a focus on the passenger cars and obsolete locomotives. However we can and do provide Umler upload and correction of data on all types of equipment.

Visit the forms page for our equipment data sheet and instructions on what is necessary to upload your equipment!

If you have more questions: please feel free to contact us at or 309.493.1013