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5TM Trackmobile

Asking price is $20,000. Willing to consider offers. Location: West Coast.

It has: Hercules 6 cylinder propane gas engine, with Allison transmission. Has train air, working sanders, and couplers each end. The "main" one has the hydraulic lifting cylinder on it.

Things that have been added/repaired/replaced since we've had it: Roof strobe light, red "rear" light, headlights/track lights, radiator has been rebuilt, new propane carburetor assembly, new propane hose, new spark plugs and wires, main coupler cylinder has been rebuilt, approved Trackmobile hydraulic oil filter assembly installed, new (manual) steering gearbox, new starter motor, breakerless ignition system, battery, repair/replace any bad wiring, repair/replace any broken gauges.
Will consider trade for stay bolts, refractory materials and/or diesel or propane powered fork lift, around 10,000lb capacity.
Comes with all the operating and owners manuals.
I It has seen very little use over the last 15 years. Wheels still have good flanges on them, and the rods have no slop in them.
Has been well maintained. Used, but not abused.

. 309.493.1013 or email if interested or have questions.



GLR has the Following Gauges are For Sale:

2 Type F Coupler Knuckle Wear & Stretch Gage
Part #44250-3 $50 ea

1 Old ARA D/E Coupler Contour Limit Gage $15

1 Tread Worn Hollow Limit Cast Iron and
Steel Wheel Gage - Pratt & Whitney
Part #8005 $20

1 Simplified Wheel Gage $20

1 ASF Ride Control Truck 37 1/2 inch Bolster
Contour Gage $85

1 Steeple Back Journal Wedge Condemning
Gage Part #RP707-67 $85

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