Nov 1. 2021

If you have OT-57 Load Authority for your cars, remember they need to be confirmed once a year!

April 2021

Many Reporting Marks are being told they need a DDCT contact in Find Us Rail. If you only have passenger cars, you don't as passenger cars are not processed through DDCT. It is only applicable if you have freight cars, this includes MOW cars such as caboose and flat cars.

November 3, 2018

Umler Updates:

Nov 2
Railinc instituted 2 stage authentication. You may have to get a code by email to sign in.

Dec 6th is the largest update.

has released new pricing and requirement for Private Car Shipment. More data available on:

October 9, 2018

Several clients have called saying that a railroad has told
them that they need OT-5 for their MOW or passenger car. Railroads have also indicated that there would be additional charges without an OT-5 on file. Investigation has shown that OT-5 is not only not required for passenger cars or MOW equipment, but can not be completed for these cars.

Should you received a request that you need to do an OT-5 for your equipment or you will face an additional charge to move your equipment, call us we can assist in a solution to this problem.

August 24

Update on PTC compliance


March 19

A new Umler data form is on this web site. Please replace your old forms with the new 2018 New Umler data form.

Also for those who do their own Umler work, a new Umler Data Spec Manual is available on the Railinc Web Site.

January 2018

Only a couple of days after the RPCA Annual Conference, there was an Umler Data Quality Task Force conference call.  Adding back into Umler the Load Limit and Gross Rail Load was one of the topics.   With few questions, the ranges of acceptable entries was accepted and the change recommended to go before the full Umler Committee for approval.  Early in February there will be another conference call to discuss
Implementation, and acceptable journal bearing codes.  By implementation, we mean when do the data fields show up on-line for input, and when do those fields become mandatory.  The list of acceptable journal bearing codes is recommended to be reduced by 2, dropping the A and H class bearings.
If you sent the data only to Amtrak, it does not get to RPCNB, GLR nor other Umler services providers, and therefore is NOT in Umler.  You need to send the data to YOUR service provider or input it yourself to Umler.  The Umler record MUST match the Amtrak record, meaning Tare, Load Limit and Gross Rail Load numbers must be identical in the two systems.

September 2017

Thursday, September 14, Umler was updated to provide more information to prepare for PTC. Since the last January, a total of 58 new or changed fields, many of which are mandatory. Therefore, all locomotives in our files are currently showing errors which may prevent movement. Contact us to get your units taken off the error list! Most of these errors are fatal, if not corrected the computer will drop the unit(s) from Umler. More Changes are coming!

Effective July 1, 2017

Due to the number of quote requests that we have received, then the group, person, company goes off and uses the information to do it themselves using GLR data without remunerating/paying for the data GLR, the following is Effective July 1, 2017, for all new GLR customers. If you go forward with the project with GLR these fees will be applied to the project overall cost.

For all non-Umler projects with initial estimates to cost over $750, an upfront quote fee of $250 is required. This fee will escalate as the size of the project goes up. This fee is non-refundable if you decided not to use GLR.

An additional 20% will be required before any data other than grand total for the project would be released to you.

All quotes will be good for 30 days.