Great Lakes Railcar

Forms and Reference

Below are the forms you will need to submit your data for Umler registration.

To download: FOR MAC Computers: Use the alt. option key and click on the item to download. FOR PC's: Use right click and "save as" to place this material on your hard drive.

This group of documents if for Umler data upload:

Equipment Data Form


Car Measuring Diagram

AEI Tag Placement:

S-918 - AEI tag placement


This weight calculator uses base weights that agree with Amtrak's base weights. If you fill it in, save it with your car number, and attached to an email and send it to your Umler provider. They will be able to update your record so your Umler and Amtrak Arrows files will match. This may not occur until Umler adds some fields.

Weight Calculator V2