August 28, 2016

If you are using GLR as an agent for Umler, you or GLR MUST maintain your Find Us Rail listing.  This is now a Railinc/Industry requirement  This is what industry is now using to find your reporting mark’s contacts!  Railroads will call if there is a movement problem, accounting issue, and other items.  You must be willing to take their calls/emails WHENEVER they call/email.  No response could mean equipment sitting and being charged storage, and in worst case of car damage, they could make a decision to scrap a piece of equipment!

July 19, 2016:

As of today GLR no longer has fax available.  Please email or scan and email documents to us.

June 2016:

Passenger car air brake valves have been added to Umler in preparation for the implementation of PTC.  Any Air Brake Tests and Umler Upload must include the air brake valve type!

For Amtrak 800XXX cars, you will need to have your actual, NOT estimated, weight in Umler as your Umler car weight and your Amtrak Arrows system weights must match!

November 2015

If you have freight cars, you need to have your reflectorization event (putting the reflective tape on) entered into Umler.  Otherwise your equipment will be labeled X/X and it will not move.


We now have on staff a Mechanical Engineer full time. GLR can assist you in planning project and getting your plans on paper or digitally.  Plan first!  It saves money in the long run.

Umler Upload and Reporting Mark management.  We are currently managing reporting marks for over 5 dozen clients, with a fleet of over 4,000 units. We can upload your equipment or correct the entries that are already there under your reporting mark.  

Inspection - Pre-purchase or pre-Insurance or for project planning.  An inspection can assure that the equipment you want to purchase is exactly what you think it is or that your project will go as planned.

GLR also provides temporary Umler registrations for equipment making a 'one time move', such as going to shop for a major rebuild after purchase, or even scrapping.  GLR can also provide small fleet services.  Many of the larger lease and service companies will not manage fleets below a certain number.  We can handle those smaller numbers for you.

Through working agreements, Logistical Support is available to move your equipment and air brakes services are available.  

GLR is still a SAM (System for Award Management) former CCR (Central Contractors Registry) for US Government and is a woman owned small business by Federal Standards.  GLR is a trade member of RPCA.  

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